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higher standards heavy duty glass products


Dedicated to providing the elevated smoking experience connoisseurs seek, Higher Standards offers heavy duty glass water pipes that extract pure, powerful flavor and effects from dry herb and concentrates. Characterized by functionality, durability, minimalism, and performance, our smoking systems offer exceptional ease-of-use and reliability while delivering smooth, potent rips. Designed and crafted in the USA, Higher Standards water pipes boast quality you'd come to expect from the finest products. Engineered for superior airflow, advanced water filtration, and vapor quality, our premium pipes and rigs let you enjoy materials exactly as they're meant to be experienced.


Designed to ensure maximum flavor transfer, our glass pipes are engineered for optimal airflow. Featuring tight passages and condensed chambers, Higher Standards pipes deliver hits directly to the lungs when vapor is at its highest potency. From their snugly fitted ground glass connections to their flared mouthpieces, our water pipes feature sealed air paths engineered for high-level water filtration. The airtight seal promotes deep chugging, ensuring low draw resistance and thorough moisture-conditioning. The resulting vapor is remarkably dense and richly flavored.


Each Higher Standards glass water pipe is crafted using 100% laboratory-grade borosilicate. This highly thermal-resistant material is chemically inert, ensuring that each flavor note and aromatic compound is fully displayed with no added tastes or odors. Nonporous by nature, our glass is non-stick, making it easier to clean away buildup. You can effortlessly maintain the crystal clear aesthetic of our glass water pipes using a combination of Higher Standards ISO Pure and Salt Rox, two essential cleaning accessories consisting of premium ingredients. To give our pipes a heavy duty feel, our borosilicate features an extra-thick design that's highly resistant to extreme temperatures.



Crafted for connoisseurs, Higher Standards water pipes feature sophisticated water filtration systems precision-engineered for cool, comfortable vapor production. Our percolators improve upon the traditional diffuser with thinner slits that generate a larger quantity of fine bubbles in order to maximize contact between smoke and moisture. More particles are trapped while smoke is sifted through the water chamber. Our airtight design promotes low draw resistance for ample chugging. Rather than over-saturate hits with moisture, our glass water pipes and rigs offer balanced water filtration that produces crisp, potent draws.


Higher Standards glass pipes depart from the industry standard, combining engineering and design to offer a refined experience. Boasting extra thick glass designs, our glass water pipes look, feel, and perform like heavy duty products. Built to last, these premium smoking systems are crack-resistant and easy to clean, ensuring high performance through the years. Our glass is 100% medical-grade and inert by nature, preserving the natural flavors of materials. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Higher Standards glass is made by connoisseurs for connoisseurs. Our engineers combined the principles of design with their own practical experience to create products that deliver exactly what they promise.


Higher Standards was founded on principles of functionality, practicality, minimalism and contemporary experiences. We've modernized familiar glass water pipe designs, amplifying the essential while dispensing with the excessive. With a focus on enhancing the smoking experience, we offer quality usually reserved for collector's items. Our selection includes options for dry herb or concentrate consumption. Each water pipe is handmade in America by experienced glassblowers using medical-grade borosilicate glass.


heavy duty rig

Featuring a sleek, simplistic, and functional design, the Heavy Duty Rig was built to extract the truest flavor from concentrates while maintaining a smooth vapor profile. Made in America using 100% laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, we gave the Heavy Duty Rig a thicker design for enhanced comfort, durability, and performance. An airtight seal and precision-engineered vapor path facilitate low draw resistance, enabling heavy chugging for thicker, more potent clouds. We chose a traditional downstem diffuser design, adding thinner slits for improved moisture-conditioning. Optimized for concentrates, this innovative glass rig is the product of decades of practical experience, improving upon the past to ensure a better future.


heavy duty beaker

Handblown from high-grade borosilicate glass, our Heavy Duty Beaker features a minimalistic take on the traditional straight tube beaker. Boasting a thick, durable design, this reliable glass water pipe extracts immense flavor, aroma, and effects from dry herb. A wide base guarantees extra stability during use or rest, while a long neck allows vapor to cool before inhalation. Our custom ice tray allows for additional coolness. We calibrated the air path for deeper chugs, ensuring that vapor is consumed when it's most potent. An airtight seal promotes the direct transfer of flavor while enabling thorough water filtration.


collector's case

Both the Heavy Duty Rig and Heavy Duty Beaker come shipped in a sleek, sturdy reusable collector's case, enabling safe and convenient transportation. Carry your Higher Standards glass anywhere and keep it secure along the way. Featuring high-quality foam inserts, our collector's cases securely hold your glass water pipe and accessories, protecting them from damage. The dust-resistant design keeps your glass pristine, while a high-grade plastic handle allows you to easily carry your Higher Standards kit in a discreet manner.


cleaning kit

Constructed using smooth and solid nonporous borosilicate glass, our glass smoking pipes feature non-stick surfaces that are resistant to buildup. To optimize and prolong the performance of Higher Standards water pipes, we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance. We offer a variety of premium cleaning products in our Supreme Clean Kit including Higher Standards Salt Rox and ISO Pure, which combine to thoroughly break down residue. Also available are Higher Standards Tube Tops, which plug all of your pipe's airways after the cleaning solution is loaded into the chamber, enabling you to thoroughly shake the device for a deeper clean.


To begin, carefully take your glass pipe or rig apart and prepare to rinse each component with hot water. This is your opportunity to clean hard-to-reach places. You can use Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz, a pack of premium pipe cleaners, or Higher Standards Pipe Stix for reaching into deeper crevices. Once you've spot cleaned all your components, you can fill the airway with a cleaning solution formulated specifically for deep cleaning borosilicate glass.

Apply Solution

To thoroughly saturate and disintegrate residue, we recommend using a combination of isopropyl alcohol and salt. Our Higher Standards Salt Rox consists of coarse granules of rock salt, delivering optimal abrasion. When mixed with Higher Standards ISO Pure, our 99% isopropyl alcohol, Salt Rox ensures a deeper, quicker cleaning session. Once you've filled the water chamber and neck of the water pipe or rig with a cleaning solution, plug the airways using Higher Standards Tube Tops. Now your water pipe is prepared to be shaken.

Shake Vigorously

To ensure thorough cleaning of your glass pipe, shake the contents rapidly for at least five minutes. Try a variety of different gyrations, allowing the cleaning solution to reach all areas within the glass water pipe. Once you've completed the shaking process, empty out the cleaning solution and rinse out the inside of your water pipe with hot water. If the glass is particularly dirty, you may need to repeat the process.

Spot Clean

Certain hard-to-reach areas may remain dirty after the previous step. In this case, the second phase of spot cleaning is necessary. Utilize a pipe cleaner or elongated cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to reach any leftover residue. High Standards Pipe Stix feature dart-like tips for added abrasion that won't leave cotton remnants in the air path of your pipe. Once you've completely spot cleaned your glass water pipe, one last rinse with hot water will conclude your cleaning session.