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Aerospaced by HS 4 Piece Grinder 1.6

Aerospaced by HS 4 Piece Grinder 1.6

Aerospaced by HS 4 Piece Grinder 1.6

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AeroSpaced 4-Piece Grinder/Sifter - 40mm (1.6")

Top class materials and build quality at a low price make AeroSpaced grinders one of the best values available!

AeroSpaced grinders feature diamond shaped razor sharp teeth, designed to shred through dense material with ease.

AeroSpaced grinders are CNC machined from a single solid block of high-grade aluminum, resulting in each piece fitting perfectly.

No Paint! Colors are achieved through anodization, which also hardens the aluminum. The silver version is polished aluminum.

The top piece of every AeroSpaced grinder is held securely in place by an embedded magnet that still allows for easy rotation.

AeroSpaced grinders are backed by a Lifetime Warranty!


Benefits of a 4-Piece Grinder

The top part of this grinder is filled with razor sharp teeth that will evenly grind your herbs. 
When the herbs are ground to the proper size, they fall through the holes into the second chamber. 
As the herbs fall into the second chamber, the pollen falls through the stainless steel screen. 
The bottom chamber stores pollen for use at a later time.


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Aerospaced by Higher Standards, the luxe smoking authority, sets the standard in grinder quality. These grinders feature aircraft-grade aluminum and sharp, diamond-shaped teeth that finely shred material to an even consistency—preparing you for an unmatched smoking experience.

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